FRMM 6 IP20 – Miniature Discrepancy Switch

These have the same function as the others discrepancy switches but are used with low currents and voltages.

They are easy to adapt to the various mosaic systems.
The limited dimensions make for minimal occupation of space both inside and on the front of the panel.


Main Characteristics


 * Self-Cleaning Blade Wiping Action Contacts System, suitable for being used also in highly aggressive environments.

 * Shocks and Vibrations Proof, due to the contacts design.

 * IP20 Finger Proof terminals in According to standard IEC 60529.

 * High Mechanical strength, main shaft , frame and plate made in steel.

 * High Resistance Electrolytic treatment of the ferrous components suitable for Tropical Applications.

 * Terminals Screws with easy access from the rear of the Switch.

FRMM 6 IP20 Miniature Discrepancy Switch

Models: M701 Turn – Push to Turn.

Miniature discrepancy switch type FRMM 6 IP20 with protected terminals.Captive screws, suitable for wiring with forks or pins cable lug size 1.5mm.

Light is provided by LED with a BA7s bayonet connector in various colours and tensions.
Access to the bulb is from the front of the discrepancy switch after removing the knob.


FRMM 6 IP20 Miniature Discrepancy Switch

Models: M705 Turn – Push to Turn.

The opaline handle increases the visibility also from the side of the discrepancy switch.