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Who is Comeletric

COMELETRIC produces switches, discrepancy switches, interlock systems and high quality led indicators.

The Company was born in 1960 and by merging tradition and innovation it gives life to products that are unique in their kind. The company policy of COMELETRIC has always been based on production of high quality products.

This has allowed COMELETRIC to be chosen amongst the most accredited manufacturers of electrical panels and to be included in the constructive specifications of major entities of production and distribution of electricity, railways and naval, as well as in the largest chemical industries, cement, steel mills, etc.

In addition to the strict controls of incoming materials and of processing phases, our equipment is periodically tested by the most famous and competent testing laboratories, in order to monitor and improve the quality standards where necessary.

The know-how achieved in 50 years of experience allows us to guide the customer towards the product that is the most suitable for their needs and to satisfy the most varied constructive requirements, attaining thus a real “on demand” realization. Furthermore, the structure’s elasticity offers a possibility of being able to order small or big quantities with fast and punctual delivery times.

In conclusion, purchasing a COMELETRIC product does not just mean guaranteeing a high quality and reliable switch, but above all it means fulfilling all the requirements of those who for COMELETRIC are the most important heritage: CUSTOMERS

Milano , July 1960

Emilio Faccioli , Giuseppina Faccioli e Nicola Rizzitelli

The Founders.

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