FR10 62 – Multistep Selector Switch

Switches FR10 62 are mainly used in Auxiliary Circuits for connection and disconnection of Relays , Instruments etc..

Particularly Suitable for obtain 8 utilisable positions in a Single Packet.

Thanks to their particulary characteristics , they are suitable for being used in Highly aggressive environments , with presence of dust , high percentage of salt, and corrosive agents.


Main Characteristics

 * Self-Cleaning Blade Wiping Action Contacts System, suitable for being used also in highly aggressive environments.

 * Shocks and Vibrations Proof, due to the contacts design.

 * High Mechanical strength, main shaft , frame and plate made in steel.

 * High Resistance Electrolytic treatment of the ferrous components suitable for Tropical Applications.

 * Terminals Screws with easy access from the rear of the Switch.

FR10 62 Multistep Selector Switch

Models: A110

Can have from 3 to 8 positions with notching mechanism of 45° particulary suitable for obtaining 8 utilisable positions in a single packet.

Semplified connection with common input, sequiental connections for a several lines using a single packet of contacts.